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Editorial Masterclass

Ahead of her photography workshop in Zürich, my dear friend Eva from Avodah Living, asked me to create a custom blend for all the participants to take home.

In addition to the blend, I gave Eva & Meltem a diffuser with a couple of blends: Adaptiv & Citrus Bliss; for them to enjoy throughout this busy day.

“I was over the moon when Natalia agreed to collaborate with us for the welcome gifts for our workshop’s attendees. Since the theme and the mood for the photography workshop was bright and energetic, Natalia created an amazing blend to encourage creativity and lift up our mood. Attendees were really appreciative of the gift, as it is something that they can actually use and that sets the mood for creation.

For me, setting up a space that is welcoming, peaceful and that invites you into a full sensory experience is always a must! Nourishing our senses encourages creativity and Natalia gave us the perfect blend to diffuse throughout the day. I diffused Adaptiv, the calming blend to help us relax and focus with the diffuser Natu provided us with too. Not only did it help Meltem & I to be grounded and calm to receive the participants but it also helped put everyone at ease throughout the day. From time to time, I would stop and take a deep breath and having that subtle fragrance filling the air just helped me to enjoy the day even more and to have a sense of well being.

Working with Natalia is always such a beautiful experience. She is so knowledgeable and I find her enthusiasm and passion for wholesome living and natural solutions so inspiring. Also, I would say that she has almost a sixth sense, because without telling her, she put all of my favorite oils in one delicious blend that reflected the values that I hold so dear. I cannot wait to discover more and continue working with her!”

Eva, Founder at Avodah Living


Avodah Living

Using exclusively dōTERRA’s CPTG essential oils, I designed this custom blend to reflect the core values of Avodah Living. Hoping to inspire those who try this blend to create, and enjoy the little moments in life. The Avodah Living blend will spark feelings of happiness, creativity and community.

Citrus Bliss


The perfect base for this custom blend. “This blend inspires creative expression by reconnecting individuals with their inner child and their natural creative sense.”


Communication & Calm

To release our insecurities and support self-expression. “Lavender calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings. It addresses the a deep fear of being seen and. heard.”



An oil to help us build connections. “Cedarwood brings people together to experience the strength and value of community. It inspires feelings of belonging and assists the heart to receive the love and support of other people.”


The oil of Truth

Lifting the barriers from the mind, Frankincense will help you connect with your purpose and most authentic self. An oil to remind you why you started, and to guide and protect you on your journey

Fractionated Coconut Oil

The blend is diluted with dōTERRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil, to ensure a safe and easy application. This also promotes a better absorption of the oils in this blend, allowing us to enjoy all its benefits.

How To Use: Apply on pulse points, over the heart, or bottom of feet. You can also apply this blend to the palms of your hands, inhale and take a few deep breaths.

Safety: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Don’t apply in or near the eyes, ears, nose, or other sensitive areas. If you experience an adverse reaction, please suspend its use immediately. Seek medical attention if needed.

Let’s diffuse…

Adaptiv is dōTERRA’s calming blend. The perfect addition to a busy day of learning and creation, since it makes us feel tranquil, while supporting concentration and focus.

Citrus Bliss is our invigorating blend. It creates a positive, uplifting atmosphere. It’s also great to freshen the air. Packed with citrus oils, and a touch of vanilla absolute, this blend is a crowd pleaser.

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